Wandera Weddings was born from a passion for all things wedding. We are committed to taking your dreams to the next level, committed to pushing the boundaries and giving you an experience that is authentic and true. We bring dreams into reality and help create weddings beyond your expectations, beyond anything you thought possible.

We are here to make the planning process enjoyable and stress free! Seriously! Let us help you narrow down decisions, give expert advice and help execute every last detail. From weddings of 50 to 300, we can help create a memorable experience for you and your guests that no one will ever forget!

With Wandera Weddings you have an incredibly hardworking team, ready to get down and dirty to do all the things that make each and every wedding flawless. 

If you are looking for a unique, yet timeless wedding that truly showcases you and the love of your life, then we definitely need to talk! 

When you hire a wedding coordinator you are getting so much more then what you think. Yes, we will build you the timelines and make sure people are in the right place and the right time, set out decor, and make sure all the things are happening. But what you don't think about are all the million little things that we do in between what you hired us for. 

We help you pee, we get those pesty boutonnieres on all the boys, we touch up your make up after your cried, we make sure your moms stay clam and that kinda crazy uncle doesn't get to crazy, we make sure you have snacks, mints, lint rollers and batteries for whatever random thing needed them. We make sure you are hydrating, that you have your back up flats within reach and that your plate is full of all the yummy things you barley will touch. We run around doing all the things, many of which you won't ever notice but we are yours. We are your biggest cheerleader, security guard, dress holder, best friend, and advocate when you need it most. 

Yes, you are paying for someone to make sure all things run smoothly and this day, this monumental day you spent the last year planning happens to perfection but you are also getting someone who will handle all the situations in between plus some. My biggest goal as your wedding planner is to serve your wedding and you and your forever human well. Really, really well. It's an honor to be apart of this moment in your life and I don't take that lightly. 

You might have been hoping to find a day of or month of coordination, but can I be honest? That’s not really something that exists. But we would Love to help manage all things wedding for you starting NOW. Not the day of, not the month of, now.

Let me explain further. You are so excited to plan your dream wedding but might need a little assistance getting all those ideas and grand plans to becoming a reality, and you for sure need extra help the days leading up to the big day. And that’s exactly what we are here for.

As soon as we start working together you will have unlimited email access to me and our amazing Aisle Planning software that includes budget tools, resources and detailed checklists to keep you on track. We will do a venue walk through, and in person meetings as well to make sure we are on track and solve any of hiccups and make sure everything is perfectly in order.

We will help build the plan for your whole wedding, be the point person for all your vendors, create the most detailed timelines and schedule and help handle all the issues you will never even hear about. And guess what you get to do? Yep, you get to sit back and actually enjoy your wedding day! You get mimosas with the girls and golf time with the boys and actually have the time to soak in how extremely special this day is.

Wedding management services will ensure that your whole wedding is managed by a true professional who will always just handle it. No matter what comes our way. So who’s ready to get planning?

You want a beautiful, memorable wedding and want every aspect of your wedding produced and executed to the highest level, but where do you actually begin? Let us do the research, the legwork and execute the dream wedding you always envisioned. We will be with you from the very beginning to the very end. Anything and everything you need for the big day is yours.  

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